About me

the pic that came with my wallet
the pic that came with my wallet

Chip D. Monk

Birthday: 04.07.1976
City of birth: Brooklyn, NY
City: Schenectady, NY

Favourite leisure activity:
Sharing with friends, social media/networking, red wine.

Favourite TV-Show:
Rachel Maddow

Favourite books:
The Brothers Karamazov, Steppenwolf, Google Hacking (vols 1 & 2)

Favourite music:
every day it's different

Favourite drink:
water, red wine, clamato, OJ

Favourite meal:
Chicken Cacciatore

Favourite country for traveling:

Favourite quotes:
"...ay, there's the rub."
- William Shakespeare -

"The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection."
- George Orwell -